Gmail aged accounts

Gmail aged accounts

How to send or receive money using Gmail on Android

If you are using Gmail, then you can get large numbers of benefits by using this email service. However, the basic work of Gmail is to send and receive emails, files as well documents. But you can use it as a bank. Because it gives the opportunity of getting and receiving money on an international level.  So, here we will discuss the method of sending and receiving money using the Gmail app on Android.

If you and other people are using a Gmail account via Android, then you can send and request money on the web. Gmail has added some services like Google Wallet as well as Google Pay Send through this app, users are able to send and get money from March 2017.

If you are using any other version like iPhone and iPad, then you can get help from Google Pay App. But if you are using this app then you cannot get this facility directly into the email service. However, it is in detail below.

Google Pay account

It is important to have a Google pay account if you want to get this service. Because, without Google Pay Accounts, you will be not able to get this service. You can download this app from the Gmail app, but it will be difficult to get it from directly the Gmail app. So, you can use the Google Pay website. Enter your Google account and click on the option of add debit card. Then it will appear another option where you can mention your amount.

Send money

If you are using the Gmail app on Android, then you can send your money in simple steps. When you will sign in to your Gmail app, then press on the option of composing an email. And then press on the option of the attachment icon. Click on send money. You will be getting a Google pay screen. How much money, you want to send, you should mention here. If you have lack of Google pay app, then you will need to enter your debit card number.


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