50 Aged Gmail

50 Aged Gmail.

Important Gmail Features

Google is that a single social media platform that is useful for all users and its provided web service Gmail is effective for all users of social media. There is a minimum number of people who know about the useful tricks and methods of Gmail. But most people are totally unaware of the features of Gmail. Here, we will discuss some features of Gmail and try to tell the users that how these are useful for them?

  1. Use Gmail offline

If there is a problem with the internet, where you live. Then no problem. Because Google allows users of Gmail to use Gmail without an internet connection. This useful feature was introduced inIt is Google’s best feature which had introduced in 2014. Without internet availability, you should use Gmail in chrome and get this facility. If you want to get this facility, then you should open settings and tell Gmail that how many emails you want to get or deliver on daily basis without internet service. 50 Aged Gmail


  1. Do more with a right-click

If you want to save your time, then you should get help from the feature of right-clicking Gmail. It is the latest feature of Gmail and can-do multiple activities of any email through right-clicking. There are some facilities life forward, archive, delete, snooze, mark as read, and some other options those you can get from right-clicking.

  1. Send and request money

You can use Gmail as a bank because through Gmail you can send and receive money through Gmail web. There will be a symbol of the dollar at the lower of the compose window and then chose how much money, you want to receive or sent. But firstly, you should enable the service of money sending through Google play. The prices of our accounts are less than from others and you can get 1000 Gmail accounts with paying only $400. 50 Aged Gmail


  1. Set an expiry time

The name of this feature is the confidential mode. And by using this option, no one can copy, forward, print, or edit your emails. To increase security, you can choose an expiry time on your emails and after this time, your emails will be deleted automatically. If you want to adopt this feature then it will be in the upper three dots for mobile users and padlock symbol on the web during writing an email. As much as your order will increase the price of Gmail accounts will be decreased. 50 Aged Gmail

  1. Notifications from your favorite sites

As well as, you are using Gmail accounts, some mobile apps and other websites send you notifications and it can create problems while working. Some notifications are important but most are useless. So, Gmail allows getting only important and favorite notifications.

  1. Change the theme of Gmail

If you fed up with the themes of Gmail, then you can change it according to your choice. It will be well looking. If you want to select any other theme, then visit settings that will on the corner of your Gmail accounts. There is an opportunity about themes, and you can choose your own picture for it. We are the best provider of Gmail accounts at low rates.


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