1000 Email Accounts



1000 Email Accounts

1000 Email Accounts

What is Yahoo PVA

Yahoo PVA accounts are the Yahoo mail accounts that were verified through active cell phone numbers. These accounts are activated by passcode that was sent to your cell phone numbers by Yahoo at the time of creation.Yahoo is offering email accounts and the facility to use the storage for your data. The data limit is around 1 TB that is enough for your mailing and attachments data.  You can use Yahoo PVA accounts for same features of storage and mailing facility as well.


The email addresses available for dispatch include fake account addresses that submit to your Yahoo mail account as long as there is an active disposable address.For instant messaging, you can block e-mail addresses and contacts too. All of the above features are available on Yahoo PVA accounts, and are working. Secure your Yahoo PVA accounts upon request with dual authentication and passwords, along with application passwords, if necessary.


Advantages of email accounts Yahoo PVA

Advantages for Business

Do you ever believe Yahoo, with the help of Yahoo PVA Accounts in bulk, is the best platform to promote your company? In all organizations at least some employee is using Yahoo mail account. You will fulfill the need for multiple accounts when using Yahoo PVA Accounts in bulk. If you receive a response or feedback from your clients you can give then reply by using Yahoo PVA Accounts. There are many success stories and research papers discussing the successful stories of Yahoo’s businesses. Here are some of the easiest ways I can promote new businesses through email marketing. 1000 Email Accounts

Best Customer Services with Yahoo PVA

Most companies and organizations make use of Yahoo accounts as a form of customer service. If you use customer service Yahoo accounts, the customer will feel comfortable giving you feedback and they will respond quickly when you ask them for feedback. But you can’t provide one single Yahoo account for this service. Therefore, we offer in Bulk email accounts. Your entire customer service team can make very effective when you use of our Yahoo PVA accounts to do the best teamwork. 1000 Email Accounts.


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