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100 Mail Accounts.

What are the tips to make yahoo accounts safe and secure?

Yahoo is the most popular Webmail service among the users because of its famous features like contacts, calendars, videos, etc. But some people are scared that Yahoo mail account should use some greater safety. Do you found that could be a appropriate fear?  Recently, Yahoo has suffered from information breaches and security hacks. We will speak all possible approaches to apprehend how ordinary Yahoo Mail is. 100 Mail Accounts

There are many tips that will help you to make your Yahoo account more secure. Some are mentioned below,

Protect your password

It is the first and very important tip to make secure your account. Your email is a crucial account because you utilize it to log into so many different services. If somebody broke into your Yahoo email, they might reset passwords on other sites, and extremely mess with your online life.
That’s why you must upgrade your password strength before you are doing anything. Even if you’re already using a strong password, changing its continuously a good idea in light of the past breaches. 100 Mail Accounts.


To make strong password, go to your profile picture which will be on the top right of the window after log in, then click on Account Info to open your setting. You can see there will be an option of Account Security on the left side bar. Click on Change Password link and enter your password twice.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Second sign-in verification also called two factor Authentication. It is the best way to secure your password after strong password. When activated, additionally to your password, you’ll need to enter a code sent to your phone in order to sign in. This ensures that even if somebody steals your password, they can’t get into your account without your phone.

Two Factor

To enable this, Go to your Account Info page then select Account Security, slide the two step verification on, when you open this setting, then yahoo will ask for your register mobile number. After that, you have to choose an option to get call or text message for your code. Click verify when you receive verify code. If you did not receive code then there are two more option for verify code “Resend SMS and Call me”. Choose one of them to receive code.


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